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The Cotswold Canals Trust
Registered Charity No: 269721
Bell House
Wallbridge Lock
Gloucestershire GL5 3JS
Company Registered in England No: 01207787
Registered office:
Island House, Moor Road, Chesham, HP5 1NZ

Connect - What's It All About?

What is Connect?

An interactive database system that enables:-

~ Volunteers to record their own areas of interest, browse the current and planned activities and get involved.
~ Activity Leaders to publicise events to the wider volunteer volunteership as details will appear online
~ Roster Managers to compile Rosters in an easily understandable format

What Access Levels apply to the system?

~Registered Volunteers
a) View all Rosters and Message Boards
b) Add themselves to certain Rosters and print Reports
c) Access all Options in the Menu's - except SafetyNet
d) Ascertain if someone is a Registered Volunteer and areas of interest - name only is revealed, no contact or other details are shown except where the volunteer is an Activity Leader (AL) and/or a Board Director (BD)

~Roster Managers and Activity Leaders
1) Access to Connect Registered Volunteers' details, their skills and Qualifications/Competences for which they have received training
2) Create and manage Rosters for their activity or event if required
3) Obtain a variety of Roster Reports
4) Request the Webmaster to group email all their Roster volunteers.

~Activity Leaders
1) Request new Rosters and Message Boards
2) Post and amend news concerning their Activity on Message Boards
3) To be aware of Competence Review dates and be able to arrange renewal/refresher training where/when appropriate
4) Request the Webmaster to group email either all Roster volunteers or all volunteers of a particular Activity Category.

Please Note: Team Leaders appointed by the Trust to manage Work Parties and other events
are all Connect Activity Leaders. But not all Connect Activity Leaders are Trust appointed Team Leaders!

What are the benefits of Connect?

Connect has been designed to consolidate Registered Volunteer records and their areas of interest in one location. It enables Activity Leaders and Roster Managers to establish and manage a Roster for any event, large or small.
Displaying Rosters online enables all Connect participating volunteers to keep up to date with the overall staffing position for any particular event...and to offer their services where appropriate.
Key to its success is the willingness of Activity Leaders and Roster Managers to accept the system, use it whenever they can and feed back any problems encountered.


To register as a Cotswold Canals Trust Volunteer please follow the Register Me Now Option in the lower Menu.

Page reviewed: April 2016