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©  Cotswold Canals Trust 2019

The Cotswold Canals Trust
Registered Charity No: 269721
Bell House
Wallbridge Lock
Gloucestershire GL5 3JS
Company Registered in England No: 01207787
Registered office:
Island House, Moor Road, Chesham, HP5 1NZ

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Indoor Activities:
VISITOR CENTRES at Saul, Wallbridge & Bonds Mill – staffing our Visitor Centres both weekdays and weekends throughout the year.
TROW PACKING & POSTING at Thrupp, Stroud – Once a quarter (on a weekday) the magazine is prepared for posting at the printers in Thrupp, Stroud.
USED BOOKSHOP at Brimscombe Port – Help to run our used bookshop on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
FUNDRAISING – join the CCT fundraising team to identify sponsors & funding sources, prepare promotional material, grant applications & letters and meet potential donors
PROMOTIONS & PRESENTATIONS – join the team that gives talks to local groups to build up support, membership & donations
IT & ADMIN – join the team that builds & maintains systems for Trust administration & operations.
Outdoor Activities:
TRIP BOATS at Ebley, Saul & Lechlade – Public trips at weekends and charter trips weekdays. A REGULAR COMMITMENT IS REQUIRED FOR THIS ACTIVITY!

MAINTENANCE DEPOT ACTIVITIES at Eisey (East) & Eastington (West) – Equipment maintenance on weekdays, including boat fitting, painting, minor repairs, rebuilding engines, welding, other engineering and mechanical tasks.
WESTERN WORKBOATS – join the team operating the tugs, dredgers and other vessels restoring the canal.
WORK PARTIES along the canals – Canal and towpath maintenance on weekdays and at weekends; Grass cutting, hedge trimming, scrub maintenance, tree management, path clearance, dry-stone walling etc.
FESTIVALS WHEN HELD – To help in any way with the organisation and at the event when CCT hold a Festival.
I can actively help with :
Visitor Centres Saul, Wallbridge & Bonds Mill Trip Boat at Lechlade
Trip Boat at Saul Trip Boat at Ebley
Maintenance Activities West
IT and Administration Work Parties
Maintenance Activities East Western Workboats
Promotion and Presentations Fundraising Team
Festivals and other Events Used Book Shop
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Please use this section to tell us about any relevant skills/qualifications you are able to offer, or to let us know if you are already involved in a CCT activity.
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